A game of luck and strategy

How to play

Press the Restart button to start a new game: this clears the scoreboard and enables all score buttons and the Roll button.

Press the Roll button now to roll the dice and show them in the diceboard. You can roll the dice up to three times, and you can also decide to hold some dice. Dice that are held are not rolled again when you press the Roll button. The figure below shows a roll where the third and fourth dice are held, so rolling the dice again will only roll the first, second and fifth dice.

Figure 1. The diceboard

As you roll the dice, you'll see some gray digits in the scoreboard: they show the score that you get if you choose to assign the current roll to that cell. You can use a score cell only once, and each cell has a different method for computing the score.

Figure 2. Score table

Ace Sum of all None
Two Sum of all None
Three Sum of all None
Four Sum of all None
Five Sum of all None
Six Sum of all None
Tris (three of a kind) Sum of all dice At least three dice must be identical
Poker (four of a kind) Sum of all dice At least four dice must be identical
Full house 25 The roll must contain a three of a kind and a deuce (the dice that are not part of the tris must be identical)
Small straight 30 At least four dice must show consecutive values
Straight 40 All five dice must show consecutive values (there are only two cases here: 1,2,3,4,5 and 2,3,4,5,6)
Yawn 50 All five dice must be identical
Chance Sum of all dice None

In addition to the dice score, you get a 35 point bonus if the sum of the first six cells (those from to ) is 63 or more.

When you are satisfied with your roll (or you can't roll anymore) choose one of the available cells to put your score in, and push the Roll button again for a new roll. The game ends when all the cell has been assigned a score.

This is a game where luck is important, but you won't get a good score without using some strategy... enjoy!

Copyright (c) 2003,2004 Alessandro Scotti. All rights reserved.