Sunsets, weather and atmospheric conditions

Sunset on the lake
Kandalama, Sri Lanka (24/09/2002)

Sunset on the lake (day two)
Kandalama, Sri Lanka (25/09/2002)

A sunset from the small island of Murano
Venice, Italy (28/10/2002)


A storm is approaching the atoll, prematurely ending our vacation...
Thudufushi, Maldive (30/09/2002)

Talsano, Italy (08/07/2002)

The tip of a mountain over an ocean of clouds
Alps, Italy/France (from airplane, 12/02/2002)


The airplane shadow in a rainbow circle
Alps, Italy/France (from airplane, 12/02/2002)

Frecce tricolori in the Rome sky
Rome, Italy (02/06/2005)

San Daniele del Friuli, Italy (25/08/2005)

Note: I had to shot and throw away some 80 pictures before getting lucky enough to capture the above lightning!

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