Release notes

This page collects the release notes for older releases of Tickle.

Version 0.91

The most important feature in version 0.91 is the Linux front-end, which was developed using Trolltech's Qt libraries and the ALSA libraries for sound.

On the Windows version, support for joysticks has been improved and I have started experimenting a bit with force feedback as well. Currently, you can try it in Space Invaders (explosion) and in Pinball Action (bumping the table). If it's not working well for some reasons, force feedback can be disabled by editing the configuration file tickle.ini in the same program folder.

There are also several small fixes and support for a few new ROMs, most running on the Scramble hardware: Amidar (on Scramble hardware), Battle of Atlantis, Crush Roller, Make Trax (which is practically identical to Crush Roller), Mars, Scramble, The End.

Version 0.90

Version 0.90 includes only emulators and supports the following ROMs: Lunar Rescue, Ms. Pacman, Ozma Wars, Pacman, Pacman Plus, Pinball Action, Pooyan, Puckman, Space Attack II, Space Invaders and Space Invaders Part II.

Make sure to check Space Invaders if you can, as currently seven out of ten analog sound effects are emulated in software and it has taken me a lot of work and research to do that! Actually, feel free to take a look at the Space Invaders soundboard pages and help me with the last four sounds! Mhhh... didn't I say I emulated seven and not six before? Well ok, I cheated just a little by hand-coding the noise frequency in the "flash" effect, so I still need help with that too... :-)

Note: basic library and emulation code is designed with simplicity in mind and should be (relatively) easy to understand. I will always try to provide more documentation and cleanup code even more with each new release.

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