Here is a list of interesting sites regarding astronomy. If you want to tell me about more great sites, dead links or anything else please write to

General - Phil Plait's site on bad astronomy, very interesting - The SEDS Messier database - Il catalogo di Messier (lo stesso del SEDS, in italiano) - I testi del Circolo Astrofili Talmassons, interessantissimi - European Space Agency - National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Astroemagazine, un'ottima rivista di astronomia on-line che non ha niente da invidiare alle riviste commerciali - Anglo-Australian Observatory, with the breath-taking images of David Malin - Appunti di astronomia - SpaceWeather, news and info about Sun and Earth - Hubble heritage project (great images from the Hubble telescope!)

Astrophotography - Astrophotographies by Denis JOYE - Vern's Astronomy Site (MX5C, MX7C, SBIG) - Dark Subtraction and Flatfielding - António Cidadão's Lunar and Planetary Observation and CCD Imaging - Spectroscopy, CCD and Astronomy - Astrophotographies - Tecnica di fotografia astronomica - Homepage dedicata alla fotografia astronomica - Long exposure modified webcams - Il sito astronomico di McFazzo - Davide Romanini's homepage - AstroFabio, a site of digital astronomical images and amateur astronomy experiences - Paolo Lazzarotti's homepage: sky, landscapes, sunsets, weather (some spectacular pictures!)

Software (non-commercial only) - Hallo Northern Sky, one of the most powerful and complete planetarium programs (Windows) - Winstars, a freeware planetarium (Windows) - Cartes du Ciel, a great free astronomy program (Windows) - Virtual Atlas of the Moon (Windows) - A page with links to astronomy software (note: links not checked) - KStars, a planetarium (Linux KDE) - Xplns, astronomy simulation for PC (Linux or FreeBSD, XFree86) - Stellarium, photo-realistic sky simulator (Windows, Linux/Unix, Mac OS X) - Celestia, a 3D Space Simulator

Programming - libAstronomy is a C library of astronomical functions (hasn't been updated from 2000 though) - libnova, a celestial mechanics and astronomical calculation library for C/C++ - PP3, celestial chart generation (generates resolution independent sky charts)

Do it yourself - Stellafane Amateur Telescope Making (a great resource for do-it-yourself lovers) - Amateur Telescope Makers email list FAQ - Plans for building a Dobsonian telescope - Peter Smith's ATM lenses and eyepieces

Still more links... - Roberto's astronomy homepage - Il sito astronomico di Albino Carbognani, contiene materiale interessantissimo - Il portale per l'astronomia in Italia - "Bellatrix" astronomical observatory - A huge page with links to astronomical resources on the web - Mel Bartel's homepage (has an asteroid named after him!)

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