"Contemporary civilization, whatever its advantages and achievements, is characterized by many features which are, to put it very mildly, disquieting; to turn from this increasingly artificial and strangely alien world is to escape from unreality; to return to the timeless world of the mountains, the sea, the forest, and the stars is to return to sanity and truth."

Robert Burnham Jr. - "The Celestial Handbook"

A picture of the moon shot with a standard Panasonic DMC-FZ5. (No additional lenses or tripod: this camera has a 12x stabilized optical zoom.) And here's a moon map with the most important features.

This picture of the moon was shot in New Zealand (unfortunately, not by me)... can you tell what's different from the above picture? :-)

Is it possible to do astro photography with a standard videocamera? Well... if you do not ask too much... (Note: this page only includes unprocessed images!)

I captured an Iridium flare on video, here's an MPEG version that should be playable everywhere (2.45 M) and an XviD version that is quite smaller (844 K) but requires the XviD codec.

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Rants and raves

L'atto di abiura di Galileo Galilei. Se leggerlo oggi non vi fa venire i brividi, avete davanti a voi una brillante carriera ecclesiastica. Complimenti!

1 settembre 2004. Capita spesso di trovare errori ed inesattezze nei quotidiani o nelle trasmissioni televisive, ma un articolo apparso su La Repubblica.it spicca su tutto il resto. Qualche commento...

Planet X

Planet X has been the subject of many discussions in the sci.astro newsgroup. Will it come here in May (2003) hidden in a cloud of dust? Will it cause Earth to stop for a while and then restart? Will magnetic poles shift? Is all of this a load of bullshit? Well, go out in the evening and look for yourself. I cannot tell exactly where to look because it's not going to be there anyway, but please do look and see if you can spot the RAUNCHY RUST-COLORED ROCK OF RETRIBUTION! Yes, we finally have a name for the DEMONIC DUST BALL OF DESTRUCTION, many names even! Please take a look at the list of the true Planet X names posted on sci.astro and collected by O' Brother in the Ludicrous Labels of Lumbering Lunacy page! (Post May 2003 note: of course the planet isn't here. Strange that the systematic failure of each and every planet X-related prediction isn't enough to dissuade a small group of believers... oh well.)

Old but still fun! The automatic Planet X ludicrous label generator can generate more than 1,200,000 different labels! The generator is entirely self-contained, so you can save to page to your disk and play with it offline... enjoy!

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