Hamsters is a UCI chess engine.

At present the main goal is to have a program that has a full-featured and correct implementation of the UCI protocol, and that is able to play standard chess as well as Chess960.

Later, I will try to add such secondary features as an evaluation function and a decent search! :-)

Current version (first release) is 0.0.6. Download Hamsters 0.0.6 for Windows.


100x50 by David Dahlem (also as BMP)

Thanks to David Dahlem for the wonderful logo!

Release notes

Many thanks to Leo Dijksman, Alex Schmidt and Ciro Vignotto for testing this program (when it was still called "Hamster"). The fact that each one of them was able to find a different bug is a bit suspicious, but you know, maybe they are just lucky guys! :-)

Chess960 (aka FRC) doesn't work in Arena, because Arena is not completely compliant with the UCI protocol (namely, with respect to the castling flags). Too late now, I will fix this in the next release.

Hamsters is a multi-hamster engine. Fedor is the current leader, and will take all the important decisions at the chessboard. I won't currently reveal the names and skills of the other members, so don't ask! :-)

The story so far...

Part 1 (March 05, 2006)

Copyright (c) 2006 Alessandro Scotti. All rights reserved.

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