Modex: a graphics library for DOS

Modex is a 16-bit graphics library written entirely in Assembly. It works in protected mode under DPMI (automatically detected) and provides high level interfaces for C and Turbo Pascal.

Features include:

The library was written in 1993 and 1994 but thanks to DOSBox I could run some of the demos today (in 2005) and take a few screenshots...

DEMO01: palette animation, 100 sprites, page flipping (yes, I know it hurts the eyes!)

DEMO02: 3D cube with "plasma" textures (animated)

DEMO04: another demo for texture mapping

DEMO06: magnifying bubble moving over a raytraced image

QIX2: a Bezier curve "screensaver"

You can download the library source code (64K) as well as the above demos and more (118K, includes sources and executables).

Note: the background for DEMO06 was rendered with the POV raytracer after having generated fractal images with FractInt (both programs running under DOS). Here's the original picture in JPEG format.

Copyright (c) 2005 Alessandro Scotti. All rights reserved.

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