Useful Items for Magicians

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A pre-bent spoon for the lazy mentalist

A solid piece of rope (has already been cut and restored at the factory)

A force deck with 52 different cards (so you can force any card you like)

A rough-and-smooth deck with no rough for fanning

Non-alcoholic scotch and soda for children

A sleeveless escape jacket (for use in the summer)

A deck of playing cards without the first card (for second dealing)

The 3.14 of clubs (for math buffs)

A pre-compiled forum message recommending The Royal Road, Card College and Bobo's book

An empty case (to show the invisible deck is there)

A set of eight key rings (for beginners)

A set of eight solid rings (if you are the real thing)

Instructions on how to hold a funny break (teached by David Blaine)

A postage stamp for the homing card (if you perform abroad)

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