For disgusting magicians only, here is an article with many tips that you will find very useful for impromptu performances. Warning: twisted humor ahead. Update (Apr 11, 2003): Well, this page has been up for a while now and a friend of mine told me he wonders what I was smoking when I wrote that. The answer is a bit complex. This page is in part pure "unrestricted" fun, and for the rest a sort of "experiment" that aims at generating a time-delayed response. What I have in mind is this: you read the article and you find it disgusting. Then you forget about it. Then after some time you find yourself in need of some bit of magician wax and maybe you think to yourself "What if...? Nah... that's really... I mean, what am I thinking!" so a strange idea crosses your mind for a while and that's the (I think amusing) emotion I am trying to give. Of course I'll never know if this mad thing works but it's still fun to just try.

Our catalogue of magic weapons will satisfy ever the most demanding of our litigious customers. Do not waste time in endless discussions and flames: you'll always get the very last word with our items! This article was inspired by the many flames that tipically occurred daily in a particular magicians' forum.

A preview of our newcoming catalogue of useful items for magicians. The idea for this article was inspired by the wonderful book Catalogue d'objets introuvables written and illustrated by Jacques Carelman.

On a more serious note (pun intended) you may be interested in a collection of music that is especially suited for magic that has been compiled by Wesley James and posted in a magicians' forum. I have converted the original post to HTML and added links to MIDI files, so you can sample many of the pieces. I have found several themes useful for performance, others for practice. Come and see yourself!

Here is a description of the type of shuffle that is used down here in Italy. It is included in the hope that is useful for magicians that are collecting shuffles from around the world. There is a video too.

Fai da te: la bacchetta magica! Come costruire una bacchetta magica con poca spesa e un po' di tempo libero.

Do it yourself: the magic wand! How to build a magic wand with a few dollars and a bit of spare time.


Stack Quizzer is a program I designed to help me memorize a deck of cards (you can for example look at the Be A Genius site for mnemonic techniques).


Take a look at the italian shuffle (see article) in this short video (148K). Also this other video shows the shuffle from a different angle (354K, but better quality).

A fancy method to put a knot in a rope (203K). I have selected this video regardless of the imperfect execution because I think it captures the technique quite well, you may want to take a look at another shot (134K) for smoother action. Although it may take a little while to manage the first knot, it does become easier thereafter. When practicing, remember to take a short pause every few throws in order to relax your arm muscles. I have learned this knot from a post by John Rauser on the newsgroup rec.craft.knots (yes, with ASCII figures...).

A simple swing cut (270K).

The four coin rolldown with 2 euro coins. I devised this approach as I couldn't do any of the methods I saw in print. (Though I doubt very much it is original... after all, how many ways there could be to roll four coins with five fingers?!?)


The Magic Cafe is one of the best forums out there with a lot of great people and some very special guests (Ortiz, Asher, Banachek, McClintock just to mention a few!)

The famous magazine Genii has its own public forum too, also with great people and many interesting posts.

Il Forum della Magia è il miglior forum in lingua italiana (richiede la registrazione anche per leggere i messaggi).

There is plenty of magic links in a dedicated page here.

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