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Professional performers

David Acer is a great comedian and magician. Find more on his David Acer Magician site (has a few videos as well)

Michael Ammar is the author of the best selling Easy To Master... video series and of many other books and videos. Go to the Michael Ammar Magic site.

Simon Aronson is famous, and rightly so, for his work on the memorized deck and for creating the Aronson Stack. I find he's a fascinating creator and writer, and you can sample some of his work on his Try the Impossible site.

Lee Asher is famous for his Asher Twist effect, but he definitely knows more. There is some interesting stuff at his Lee Asher site, including some videos of his best moves (Real Player required).

David Blaine is the Magic Man and one of the most talked about magicians. He doesn't seem to have a real site though, just a single page with little or no useful information. Ah, well, go to anyway if you want to check it out.

John Carney needs no presentation but just in case take a look at his CarneyMagic site where you can also find all of his books and videos.

Aldo Colombini is a great Italian magician who lives and works in the USA. Find more info on his Mamma Mia Magic site.

David Copperfied is the king of illusions. His site contains many information and curiosites, as well as merchandise. Go to (note: external plugin may be required.)

Steve Draun will fool you badly, very badly! There are terrific videos on his Steve Draun Magic Emporium, as well as books, CDs and other props.

Peter Duffie's site Alternative Magic is full of interesting info. Peter has also an invisible pass that you cannot see on a few videos (Real Player required.)

Scott Guinn is very well known in the online magic community as an active partecipant and moderator in several forums. His Great Scott! It's Magic! site contains informations, items for sale and a very interesting mentoring service.

Dennis Loomis is the creator together with Jim Riser of the Loomis-Riser Micro Chop Cup, an absolute beauty if you ask me. The Loomis Magic site has magic props and videos for sale, as well as the aforementioned chop cup with several tips for a better use.

Martin Joyal invented the Six-Hour Memorized Deck, which can be memorized with the help of only a few mnemonic rules. Find more about the Joyal Stack and his author.

Daryl Martinez is the magician's magician, author of the wonderful Encyclopedia of Card Magic and many other videos. He has a site with online shopping here.

Aurelio Paviato is a great close-up artist and a member of the exclusive Escuela Magica de Madrid. He has an Italian site here.

James Riser has one incredible site packed full of information and, in general, of marvelous objects including a wonderful collection of cups (as in the Cups and Balls effect). He builds exceedingly beautiful magic props in metal and wood, carves crystal using an age-old technique, makes his own tools including a forge and teaches science! (...when!?!)

David Roth is an expert performer and teacher of coin magic. Find his videos and props at the Coin Central.

Al Schneider has written a great e-book on magic theory. Find the book and many great videos, including his world famous Matrix coin routine, at the World Magic Center.

Silvan is one of the most famous Italian magicians, and definitely the most famous here in Italy. His skill with card and object manipulation is legendary, as also are his stage illusions. Look for his official site here, or skip the animated intro and go right to the interesting stuff here.

Dan Watkins specializes in coin magic. He maintains a great site with articles and videos.

Mark Wilson has been placed in the top-ten most influential American magicians of the 20th century by the Magic magazine. Amongst all other things, he's the author of the Complete Course in Magic, one of the best and most popular magic books for beginners. Find more at Mark Wilson Magic.


Denis Behr, great videos of effects and difficult sleights on

The Magic Den is the magic site of Euan Bingham: plenty of good magic videos, tricks, booklets and more.

Flourishes and manipulation

Superhandz is a site dedicated to "extreme" card manipulation. And extreme it is indeed, with some unbelievable stuff performed by the super hands of De'Vo and Jerry Cestkowski. (I might add an easy joke on their super feet too, as they don't seem to have much trouble in riffle shuffling a deck of cards with those. But I won't.) Jerry is also the author of the monumental Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes, which you can find at his Flourishman site.

De'vo has a new site called Handlordz that contains, among other things, a great video montage of his famous Cobra Cuts. This includes what's probably the most difficult one-handed cut out there: the five-packet Cobra.

Pentix is all about pen spinning and manipulation. It has clear instructions for several tricks, as well as videos performed by the site (and pen) master, Kam.


Florence Art Edizioni is an Italian publisher with many books on magic, including the great Card College series by Roberto Giobbi (translated).

Hermetic Press, founded by Stephen Minch, publishes some of the finest magic books ever.

L&L Publishing: videos, DVDs, books and more.

The Magic Reference Pages contains an incredible lot of info, including the full Table of Contents of many magic books!

VirtualMagie is a French site dedicated to magic and magic news.

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