Magic Weapons for the Treacherous Magician

Dear Sir/Madam,
it surely hasn't escaped your attention that the world of message boards is getting each day more and more dangerous. To hide anonymously behind a keyboard can give you a false sense of security, but don't be fooled by it, you are not safe!

What would you do if assaulted by a magician? Resist? Run? Don't wait until that happens, get ready for it now! In our catalog you will find innocuous-looking, standard magical props that actually hide deadly weapons of the finest quality. No one will ever suspect a thing, guaranteed, they just won't see it coming. Attack first and get rid of those annoying flamers.

For a limited time only, we are offering promotional discounted prices on all our merchandise. Order now, and at your next meeting you'll be able to show 'em a new trick or two...

Shuriken Cards

Deception at his best. Each card looks like a normal playing card, but being made of steel it is in fact a little killer in disguise. The effectiveness of this weapon depends much on your throwing technique, so you should plan to spend some time on card scaling. Practice your multiple lift, expecially. Masters of this technique can easily do a quadruple lift and throw a storm of deadly shurikens at their enemies. But even a double lift will pay high dividends with these cards, just imagine the face of your opponent as he's hit by the three of clubs that only a few seconds earlier you visibly inserted into the middle of the deck. And this gets even better as old classics can be revisited in a completely different light. "Choose a card. Put it back. Shuffle the deck and give it to me... Why, look, isn't it the queen of hearts coming out of your stomach?" We highly recommend this item.

Shuriken Cards .... $ 1.00 each
Shuriken Cards Deck (52 cards) .... $45.00

Explosive Sponge Balls

Thanks to a recent technology breakthrough, we are now able to manufacture sponge balls that explode when compressed. They are very easy to use, and do not require but the simplest sleight of hand. You can very easily adapt your usual patter. "Here are two balls. I take one. You take the other. Now... supercalifragilistichespiralidocious..." Of course your soon to depart spectator holds both balls. You have now six to ten seconds to step back. Get at least a couple dozen feet between you and the balls (protective goggles recommended) and wait for the explosion. Nine times out of ten that's it, but every now and then a lucky spectator does survive. Be ready for that too, and remember that even the most dramatic situations offer a chance for a laugh or two. "Ok folks, those who liked the last trick raise their hands."
This is a great item, read what one of our customers has to say: "I was a complete klutz with sponge balls, and my friends were able to spot all my sleights. No secret transfer went undetected, and they always laughed at my palms. I was desperate when I ordered your explosive sponge balls. Thanks to you, things have radically changed now, and they are all dead."

Explosive Sponge Balls .... only $7.50 each while supplies last (available in red or yellow)

Firing Wand

This weapon is externally identical to a standard magician's wand, but it hides a full working semiautomatic gun. While you can use it, how to say, in direct mode, it is preferred that you give the wand to the victim under the pretence that he helps you with some magical gesture and let he suicide himself, as then it is easier to claim an accident. At the suggestion of some of our customer widows, we have now marked the firing side with a small black spot.

Firing Wand .... $ 349.00
Firing Wand Bullets 6 Pack .... $ 15.00
Firing Wand Bullets 24 Pack .... $55.00

Killer Rabbit from Hat

What's more tender and sweet than a puffy white rabbit? This innocent looking little animals are so cute that everyone in the audience will want to touch and pet them. You know better of course, as these bunnies are in fact blood thirsty carnivore beasts with a penchant for human fingers. Usage is simplicity itself. All you have to do is move the hat close to the unsuspecting hand of your enemy, and the rabbit will do the rest. Watch them scream in panic! Who said that magic cannot create pain and sorrow? There will be plenty of both thanks to our killer rabbits! Expecially when they get an occasional lucky shot and go for the throat.
Don't let the price put you off. These beasts are the result of hundreds of careful crossbreeds and the most advanced genetic engineering, and you just need a couple for an infinite supply.

Killer Rabbit (Male) .... $199.00
Killer Rabbit (Female) .... $199.00

Illustrations by Licia Tucci.

Copyright (c) 2002-2003 Alessandro Scotti. All rights reserved.

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